the Sculptorian

the Sculptorian

Owner:  Sae Luan


Marketplace:  the Sculptorian


Store Information:  Originally my sculpty store was located within my old store, Rave Nation.  Right after sculpties were released, I began using them in my builds and accessories and kept getting asked by other designers if I was willing to sell them the shapes.  This is when the Sculptorian first officially hit the grid.  As the store kept growing, it eventually was redone as its own store.

I have a large selection of sculpt work up for sell ranging from things as simple as hearts and stars, to things as complex as shoes.  I now offer Photoshop brushes and styles and meshes.  Coming soon I will be releasing tutorials and textures as well.  There are currently a mix of free tutorials on my website, all in video form.

Custom work is available IF I have time when I am contacted.

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