cYo Electricity Kit: Power Outlets, Plug and Cables (USA version), full perms mesh


Create Your Own … Power supply system

cYo Electricity Kit adds realism to your electrical devices and machines. It contains wall power outlets, a color changeable plug and a set of cables.

The cables are designed to fit all different kind of scenes. You can put the outlet high or low on the wall, the cable can lead to an object that stands on the floor or that sits on a table. There is a straight cable and straight corners to make a clean look, there are also more natural lumpy shaped cables, big and small bends and a loop.

One of the power outlets contains a functional switch. The switch can be turned on and off. You hear a switch sound when you do so. The included scripts that take care of this proces. The scripts are not made to switch your objects on or off. When you want for example your lamp to go on and off by clicking the switch, this needs additional scripting work. The includes scripts are full perms, so you (or your scripter) have a base to start with.
If you don’t need or want a switch in the outlet you can use the mesh without switch.

There are two power plugs includes, one with and one without pins. In situations where you have to do with very thin walls the plug without pins will certainly be handy, the pins won’t stick out at the other side of the wall.

The product contains:
– 17 meshes: 2 power outlets, 1 power switch, 2 plugs, 12 cable parts (full perms)
– 3 textures: 2 power outlet textures and 1 plug texture (full perms)
– 2 scripts for the power switch, to put to the switch one and off (full perms) + instructions
– switch sound (full perms)
– examples: scripted outlet with swith, link set of outlet, plug and cables (full perms)

Land impact of each mesh in the package is 1.

SL Marketplace

cYo Mesh Shop


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